Beat-maker since 2010.

Genres are naturally stifling, but useful to represent rough concepts when discussing music. 'Beats' seemed a fitting term, loose enough to accommodate more well-known genres like instrumental hip-hop, instrumentals, trip-hop, downtempo, but also abstract enough to accommodate more experimental music, lo-fi hip-hop, bass music, breaks, drum and bass, trap, garage, and other such inspirations.

Arguably it's trip-hop, but people often think of Massive Attack, or Portishead, which it's not. By abstracting the genre, the palette isn't tainted before tasting, whilst providing direction to develop a sound, a stylistic rabbit hole to go down, in an area wide enough to encompass and encourage uniqueness. Sometimes there's a clear intention behind a tune, and sometimes it just happens. Abstracting the genre is one of many ways to cultivate an organic process.

This music is made for myself, or rather, represents what I liked hearing at the time. It serves as a sort of audio diary, a therapy. If you connect with it, that's a bonus, and if it helps, that makes it all worth while. There's many tunes by other artists that got me through rough patches, and in making music, I hope to return the favour. Genuine, and made with love, I hope it inspires you to stop giving a fuck, and just do it.

I see parallels between music and life, whereby sitting at a computer often cultivates a long meditation on the topic; getting in the zone to birth new realisations. Perhaps people are like musical notes. Some work together, some don't, but all alone are beautiful. Some come and go, over time, but all serve to enrich, connect, and teach. With anything in life, be with it long enough, and it'll be your guide. When stuck at crossroads, I have faith to take the loudest path.