If you have the financial means, supporting charity, non-profits, and companies that champion great ideas, is one way to make small, but meaningful changes in the world. In my case, through micro-donating across a broad spectrum. Whilst it's not always clear how charitable money is spent, the possibility of genuinely helping a good cause seems to outweigh the risk of corruption.


I believe in free, community-edited, globally-accessible information.

I believe extreme forms capitalism that champion uncontrolled greed are a global conundrum. I admire alternative business models that challenge these ideals - in this example, by providing transparent, free online services funded by user donations.

I believe in internet privacy, and freedom of the internet.

I believe we should not suffer more than we have to.
Cancer Research UK

I believe free, globally accessible and knowledgable information about drugs should be available to help inform decisions and reduce harm.
Drugs and Me

I believe we must truly care about the environment, and champion organisations that dedicate themselves to fighting this cause.
Rainforest Trust

I believe we must raise up against racism and all forms of bigotry.
Stand Up To Racism

As of 05th Jun 2020, Equal Eyes Records have decided to indefinitely gift all profits to Black Lives Matter. I've decided to opt into this idea, so if you buy:

Diamond Soul
20th Century Bitch

then all proceeds will go to Black Lives Matter.
Black Lives Matter

Graffiti and street-art culture has been a huge influence on my work, in the use of any anonymous imagery found around the world.

I think one path to salvation, is to drive change from the heart, by championing global interest in spirituality, self-development and nature.
Donate to 'High Existence'


When not released through a label, music will always be downloadable by optional donation on Bandcamp.

I once received this comment on a tune called Serene.

What amazed me was not the gratitude, but the fact I wrote this during a very lonely time. Since then, even if merely coincidence, I've held the belief that there's something special about music and its power to heal. This thought alone gives me more than money ever could.

Thanks Shinji 🙏.


I'm able to champion donation-based music, because I make a living as an iOS developer.

I try my best to share what I've learnt professionally, through a number of open source projects / apps.

Coding is a useful skill. If you need advice about coding, feel free to get in touch. If I can't help, hopefully I can point you in the right direction.