If you have the financial means, supporting charity, non-profits, and companies that champion great ideas, is one way to make small, but meaningful changes in the world. Whilst it's not always clear how charitable money is spent, micro-donating across a broad spectrum, with the intention to hopefully aid a good cause, seems to outweigh the risk of corruption.

Supported Causes

Free, community-edited, globally-accessible information.

Extreme forms capitalism that champion uncontrolled greed are a global conundrum. Alternative business models that challenge these ideals are admirable - in this example, by providing transparent, globally accessible services funded purely by user donations.

Internet privacy, and freedom of the internet.

Data privacy.

Open Source software.

Health equates to freedom; we should not suffer more than we have to.
Cancer Research UK

Knowledgable information about drugs helps to inform decisions and reduce harm.
Drugs and Me

Nature is not something to conquer.
Rainforest Trust

One people.
Stand Up To Racism

Graffiti and street-art culture has, and will always be a major influence.


This YouTube comment was once made on Serene.

What's cool is not the gratitude, but the fact Serene was written to help myself through a lonely period. Even if merely a coincidence, perhaps there's something special about music and its ability to heal; it's a great motivation.

Unless released through a label, all music will be downloadable by optional donation on Bandcamp.

Thanks Shinji 🙏.

“Art is how we decorate space; Music is how we decorate time.”
Jean Michel Basquiat


Donation-based music is made possible by freelancing as an iOS Developer.

This knowledge is shared through an open source project.

Coding is a useful skill. If you need advice about coding, please get in touch.